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Toe Reading Show

Friday June 28, 2013


Call in or listen to Suzi K. Coggins, Psychic Medium, Past Life Regressionist, Hypnotherapist and Toe Reader.

Suzi believes that your toes tell on you! Your toes change with every important event in your journey. They reveal exactly what the issue is and as a result of the event will make a major change in the appearance with one or more toes.

We will learn that the big toe is our connection to the divine source and that it is an element of ether. Which toe is a symbol of air or communication and which one relates to fire or taking action in our own hands?

What is revealed by the thickness of our toes? Are we less emotional or more emotional by the thickness of our flesh? Are we on our path or calling? What does it mean if our toes are chipped or if there is any other concern? 

Our toes do not predict. They want us to ask a question about what is happening in our lives that need work or spiritual guidance. Suzi will ask your spirit guides to lead the way for a wise direction but only with your permission.

Learn your past life as well as your karma. How do you determine your time line? what is the meaning of a crease or crack on a toe? Did you know that every nerve in your body goes to your toes for balance? The appearance of your toes reveals just that.

Call in with your concerns as Suzi Coggins, teacher of toe reader classes will guide you with your question. Join us for a truly eye opener show and leave your shoes behind!

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"If anyone reading this is a skeptic of psychic mediums, I challenge you to be open minded and give her a more" Sarah G.

"Suzi is perhaps the most heart-centered psychic medium I've ever more"- Dustin

"Be prepared! Be prepared to be surprised. After three days, I am still digesting the more"-Dianne