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Fool -Infinite Possibilities, Watch Your Step

Magician - Creation by thought and desire, Action

High Priestess - Supernatural, Secret Knowledge

Empress - Creator of Abundance, Mother

Emperor - Ambition, Father

Hierophant - Creates Harmony and Peace, Higher Self

Lovers - Perfect Communication, Making a Choice

Chariot - Motivation, Inspiration

Strength - Courage, Energy

Hermit - Desire for Peach and Solitude

Wheel of Fortune - Abundance, Happiness

Justice - Balance, Control

Hanged Man - Self-Sacrifice, IntuitionDeath - Transformation, New Start

Temperance - Management, Moderation

Devil - Pleasures, Desires

Tower - See Truth, Rebuild

Star - Clarity of Vision, Spiritual Insight

Moon - Hidden Enemies, Visions and Insight

Sun - Happiness, Success.

Judgment - Rebirth, Resurrection

World - Wholeness, Perfection

A new job or enterprise, initiative, ideas, invention.

2 of Wands - Not satisfied with material things, thinking about events happening elsewhere.

3. - Overseas trade, planned travel, commerce, established strength.

4. - Celebration, country life, socializing, prosperity, peace and concord.

5. - Petty arguments between groups of people. A sham fight. Squabbles.

6. - Victory achieved. Good news. The support of others. Recognition.

7. - Velour. Winning against the odds. Overcoming opposition. Getting on top of your troubles.

8. - Communication. A message or letter. Swiftness. A speedy conclusion.

9. - An uncomfortable wait. Gathering strength. Problems still to be dealt with.

10. - Oppression. A burden that's hard to carry. Overwork. Emotional pressure. Unpleasant news.

KING- A cleaver, honest, man who gives good advice.

QUEEN- An astute woman with a good business sense.

KNIGHT- Change of residence. An enterprising young person.

PAGE- Good news announced. Faithful young person or child.


ACE- The beginnings of emotional happiness. A new love or re-kindling of marriage. Joy, contentment, fertility.

2.- Emotional and spiritual love. Love blessed by heaven.

3. - Celebration, merriment, good friends.

4. - Discontentment or depression may cause the loss of a golden opportunity. Weariness.

5. - Crying over spilt milk. Opportunity is at hand and there's new bridges to cross.

6. - Childhood memories or friends bring happiness. Happy childhood.

7. - Fantasy and illusion distract the seeker.

8. - Putting the past behind you. A brave but difficult decision.

9. - Satisfaction guaranteed- but beware of complacency.

10. - Ecstatic personal and family happiness.

KING- Sensitive and creative fatherly man.

QUEEN.-Sensitive, visionary woman. Can sometimes get depressed.

KNIGHT.-The grail knight. Romantic, artistic, imaginative. A message of love.

PAGE. - A sensitive youngster. A bright idea. News. .


ACE- Triumph of the will. The start of a forceful attitude.

2.-A decision that requires an unprejudiced attitude. Intuitive understanding. Amnesty.

3.- Heartache. Rupture. Division. Delay.

4.- Rest, retreat and solitude. A time of recovery.

5. - Dishonor and loss. Betrayal by friend.

6. - Travel or holiday. Escaping difficulties.

7. - Theft, deceit, trickery. Beware of impostor.

8. - Frustration, imprisonment. Criticism and sickness.

9. - Worry, despair and neurosis. Bad dreams and pressing problems.

10- Failure, tears, sadness or illness. But the worst is over and a new dawn comes.

KING- Critical man in authority. His decision is final.

QUEEN- Sorrowful woman in authority. She understands pain and sadness.

KNIGHT- A ruthless person. Acts quickly and will try to twist the law to their advantage.

PAGE- An untrustworthy younger person. A spy who will stab you in the back.


ACE- A golden opportunity. Abundance and improved financial prospects.

2. - Emotional ups and downs. Juggling the finances.

3. - Skills appreciated. Esteem, honor and reward.

4. - Saving money. Caution with money. Covetousness. Wealth invested wisely.

5. - Poverty and hardship. Material troubles. Entangled relationship. Spiritual poverty.

6. - Gifts, presents, help at hand and generosity. Don't let money pass through your fingers.

7. - Impatience. Things will come in the fullness of time. Anxiety about money.

8. - Success achieved by hard work. Skills in craft and business. Job improvements.

9. - A legacy, unearned money, material contentment, rewards. pleasure.

10. - Stable home, riches, family life, success achieved.

KING- Wealthy intelligent man. Valour, stability.

QUEEN- Serious, intelligent, motherly woman. Opulence, security, generosity.

KNIGHT- Dependable, responsible man. A bank manager or investor. Hard work, perseverance.

PAGE- An ambitious young person. Success in study and career. Management skills, materialist.

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