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Mystic Journeyz

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11:50 AM on April 22, 2016

From Facebook...

Karen Perry reviewed Mystic Journeyz ? 5 star

March 27 2016 at 7:19am ยท

I love Suzie. Her readings are always uplifting and insightful. If what she tells you in your reading doesn't ring true for you at the moment, just wait, it will eventually! She's surprisingly accurate! A great woman. I highly recommend !


11:45 AM on April 22, 2016

From Google...

Carol Patnode


Suzi is amazing! I am so very grateful to her for all of the information she passed on to me; it was perfect timing (thanks to my brother & sister too) and has already helped me in numerous ways. I highly recommend using your time/resources for an experience that can be both powerful and beautiful.


11:42 AM on April 22, 2016

From Yelp...

Glenda B.

Glendale, AZ

0 friends

1 review

5.0 star rating 4/17/2013

Just had the most incredible Therapy with Rev. Suzi. I've been working on building a new business & was feeling insecure. Rev. Suzi sugested I try her new therapy called Time Travel Therapy. I am so glad I did! She combines Hypnotherapy & a Psychic Reading to show me what my business will be in the future. I know now that I will truly be successful. Worry is Gone! I also know that if I drift into self doubt again I will remember this. It will also help me with the decisions I make concerning my business. I highly suggest this therapy or any other service with Rev. Suzi.

Glenda B

Jeanette E Kahl

11:35 PM on September 9, 2014 

Suzi gave me an awesome reading - filled with direction for my future journey - a truly awesome journey. Her response to my soul energy and my guides was overwhelming! Seems my guides had a lot of advice that I was not hearing!! Thanks to Suzi, I now have clarity in the work I will study and perfect as best I can. Suzi also directed me to some reading and prayer to heal a broken relationship in my family which has been daunting as well as a clue to a new partnership relationship. All in all, this was illuminating and exciting. You will love Suzi - she has a great gift to share that will give you clarity and direction. Thank you Suzi!! Namaste`


1:59 AM on June 18, 2014 

I've had several readings with Suzi in the last few years and with each one I feel she has given me very good guidance along with some very accurate predictions. I always enjoy the readings, she's the best.


2:41 PM on October 1, 2012

My reading with Suzi was unlike any other. She is an amazing and beautiful spirit, and her reading was filled with light and wisdom, guidance and love. I cannot thank her enough for confirming my life?s work and path, and inspiring me to move forward with my dreams. It is a rare and precious gift to find someone so completely in harmony with her own spiritual work and guides. I will be seeing her often and recommending her to all my friends. Thanks Suzi!


4:46 AM on June 11, 2012 

Suzy gave me one of the most accurate readings I've had in a long time. Not only was she able to describe the situation I was facing, but she gave me practical advice that came directly from spirit. Suzy is so in tune with her guides and it shows when she's performing a reading. She's perhaps the most heart-centered psychic medium I've ever encountered. I would go back again and again! Thank you so much for the beautiful reading. Your message of love gave me hope for a bright future and has placed me on a healing path that I never would have considered in the past. Much love to you! - Dustin


11:48 PM on February 25, 2012

I found Suzi through my favorite used bookstore Changing Hands where she does Tarot Card readings. The thing I really like about Suzi is she starts right from the "get go", she gets right into it and doesn't let up until the time is up. She interprets information from my spirit guides which is always in line with what is going on with me. I always feel I get my money's worth and an incredible amount of very useful information. She asks questions, but not too many. She's the real thing. She's very warm- hearted, precise, and funny. I feel she loves what she does. She is using her gifts properly. I will continue to see her and will continue to refer people to her.


10:32 PM on March 9, 2011

It is so nice to know I can turn to Suzi when I feel stuck in my life's journey. She always helps me find the right path and makes me feel so enlightened and full of hope. It always amazes me when things happen just as she says! The hypnotherapy sessions were also so helpful in removing the blocks I didn't even know were there. To finally see the light was truly uplifting! We are so blessed that she has chosen to share her gifts!


3:46 PM on December 29, 2010 

Recently I have been going through a difficult "life's change". Suzy has been a friend of mine and my families for many years and I turned to her for clarity and guidance.Her blessed gift of helping me to "hear" my angels and spirit guides has helped considerably. What Suzy was able to ascertain from my angels and spirit guides and share with me has given me a foothold, a place to start to move forward and embrace the changes that lie ahead of me. After my session with Suzy, I now feel stronger, able to forgive not only myself but also another who was at the forefront of this "life's change" and am able to accept what I cannot change and embrace what is ahead of me. Thankyou Suzy for your "gift" and the way you unselfishly share that with the others.

be the gift

6:15 PM on December 7, 2010 

be the gift says...

Suzie is such a love with an on fire passion for living her life as a bridge. As a person her humor and sincerity put me so at ease any time I am in her company. As a Medium- I am floored at her knowing. She is not at all shy about being the Vessel in which the Above or Beyond is connected to the Here and Now. I feel so held, nurtured and heard when in a space with Suzie- and keep her warmth with me long after. I still reflect on her words and am in Awe of the way she confirmed my own intuition without even knowing I was lost in wonderment of any issues. She just appeared with the answers before I even asked the questions. Thank you LoveBug- for seeing me and my essence and for sharing your love in such an on fire and full of love passion. Kiss.

Ps- its time for another reading! I so have questions this time!! Whoah dang!!


1:28 PM on August 8, 2010

Suzy is the most gentle spirit and the most gifted person I have come across to trust with the delicate matter of connecting with your guides and loved ones on the other side. The information she imparts is beyond the pureness and the capacity of most mortals. I am very keenly aware of energy and believe me when I say, I found a treasure in Suzy and her wonderful work. She is so gifted yet puts ego aside and is a humble spirit and thankful to be of help, this is what makes her work so amazing and so accurate. I see Suzy as a darling Fairy God Mother, looking at her clients with a broom in hand sweeping up the fragmented parts of their souls and putting the pieces back in place to help you create a new and beautiful mosaic of your journey and your life. You will feel healing, peace, clarity and most of all a continuing contentment from her readings.


5:39 AM on July 12, 2010 

Hey there Everybody, I am not completely new on the website but I expected today was as great as time as any to say whats up, so.. well good day :)

Very nice site!

6:09 AM on September 29, 2009

Very nice site!

Cynthia E Gallant

10:18 PM on June 14, 2009

Hi Suzy, Thank you for the reading today at the Quantum fair. I forgot to mention that it was my mother's birthday. She has been in spirit for 29 years. I think the anger whose name began with A was my aunt. I said the name that I thought of was Alicia. Alicia is Annie Pearl's daughter. Annie Pearl has been in spirit for more that ten years.

I have had many readings and know those who are truly authentic. I have a very good friend in Las Vegas who is a psychic medium. He used to come to Milwaukee and give readings to my friends every three months or so. He was the pastor of a spiritualist church in Las Vegas. When he comes to visit, I will try to connect the two of you.

Again, thanks for a great reading.


8:17 AM on April 30, 2009

Calm. Joy. Peace. Thank you, Suzi!


1:12 AM on April 9, 2009 

Be prepared! Be prepared to be surprised. After three days, I am still digesting the information and experience. Suzi is my first medium. She shared personal family information with me to give to my mom about her deceased sister. I nearly fell out of my chair when my mother told me a story which happened while in her 20's (she's in her mid 80's) based upon information Suzi shared.

Then, I was rocked by the accuracy of information shared about my path, and how she was able to build on that info in a way no one else had in the past. And, I heard the truth of her words... a knowing I was hearing truth.

I can only say, be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.


Lorraine Eastburn

6:12 PM on March 16, 2009 

Suzie gave me the best authentic reading I have ever experienced. She helped me to connect with my mother who is now my spirit guide and it was totally authentic. The information that I recieved was totally personal, accurate, and future events matched and confirmed current dreams and messages that I was recieving from my mother. I also met my business guide who does communicate with me often and my mother stepped aside. This is so accurate as my mother was never interested in business matters but I have a strong intuition (guide) when it comes to business. I am excited about meeting my giudes for the first time and establishing a clear connection with them. I have had many other readings however this one was the best I have experienced with details that I can actually use and impliment for future clarity.


9:20 PM on January 26, 2009 

I have worked with Suzi of couple times now and find her to be very receptive, compassionate a great guide. My strongest impression was made when we were getting in touch with Spirit Guides. A blocker was found, relieved of duty and a big change happened (outside and in). Thanks for introducing a new beginning.


10:58 PM on August 19, 2008

Suzi, thank you so much for your reading...very enlightening. After the session last night I actually felt lighter today, less stressed and know I am on the right track for renewal and health. Thank you again!


10:45 PM on August 1, 2008

oops I hit the wrong button and didn't finish my message. My thought is that to be the best Healer a healer also has to be healed. Susan had a session with me the last week in July and I was presented with the two biggest blocks...The major ones that were at the root of the pile. It was so strong that I had a life changing event from the reading and am so happy to have received the message from the otherside that made me realize I was hanging on to that problem. My life is so free now....I am cleaning and clearing out my house and my life with such joy that I am looking forward to using my gifts as an Energy Healer that is old junk from the past I am excited for the future. I am also so glad that I took this time in my life to heal....I am a Grandma of a 19 year old so it is never too late.



10:36 PM on August 1, 2008

Susan is a very gifted Medium and Physic. I have been on a journey since December, 2007 to clear myself of blocks, and burdens....I started this process so I could become an Energy Healer. I realized how much STUFF


8:27 PM on May 22, 2008

Business Owners! You never know what customers bring into your shop. We had Suzi do a clearing and all circuits are go now! Thanks Suzi!


7:44 PM on March 3, 2008

I wanted to extend my thanks to Suzi for my Tarot reading a month ago. She was able to help me clarify many things with my life path and gave me the confidence to let go of my old career. I am now on track with taking courses in what I've always wanted to do! I'm enjoying my life and haven't looked back.


6:05 PM on February 26, 2008

I'm a believer, but I'd not experienced it yet until now. Thank you, Suzi and Jen, for doing a clearing on my home. The most amazing thing happened ... it clarified things. The fresh flowers are still fresh, and it's been almost two weeks, and while I can't quite put my finger on it, the home feels more stable. It's hard to put into words. I look forward to doing this periodically to keep things balanced, and I recommend it to my clients. Thank you!


2:58 PM on February 15, 2008

I just want to say thank you to Suzi for my reading. She knew things that there was no way she could have known. Just yesterday I was cleaning out my daughters closet when we came across a dress my grandma had made me when I was a little girl that I had kept for my daughter to wear. It was blue. Well Suzi didn't ask me anything at all and said that there was a woman spirit that spoke to her and said she had given me a blue dress when I was little. I about fell out of my chair. There were other things too that she was right on but that was absolutely incredible! Now I know that my grandma is my guardian angel and what a wonderful gift Suzi has given me. Definately get a reading from Suzi she is the real deal!!


6:26 AM on January 28, 2008

]en's meditation and her work with me left me noticeably lighter and refreshed. I'm still feeling its affect after a couple of days. This was a new experience for me. I would recommend strongly to those that are thinking or seeking inner peace and love to try this with you.


Temagami, Ontario, Canada


6:26 PM on January 17, 2008

This reading was amazing. It was just..fantastic.

I've been going through a bout of depression lately and I found this thing after awhile of searching for something like this.

The reader I had was great.

Everything was so clear, and it was like she knew most of my life already.

I now know that there's a reason I always get these morbid thoughts and such, and a reason I'm here.

I'm definitely going to take her advice, and the spirit guide's advice.

I think that, because everything happens for a reason..

This reading was meant to happen.

Thank you, and I can't wait to have a reading done on my Animal Totems.



1:57 PM on January 9, 2008

I just wanted to say thank you for the reading that I received a few weeks ago.


12:11 AM on January 7, 2008

๐Ÿ˜ I want to take this time to say thankyou to Mystic Journeyz for the wonderful reading she had given me the other day. She is Right on and she opened my eyes to hope again and was able to bring me out of confusion. So Thankyou so much for your reading and Honesty. I enjoyed this reading and I pray that your psychic Biz will expand. if I were to grade this reading I would have to give you a 10. I was surprised on how you had picked up on me so quikly. You truely have A great gift. I will soon be back to get another reading from you:)

Again thankyou

and God Bless


Richmond Indiana


3:19 PM on December 14, 2007

Insightful,and helpful, Suzie is a conduit for things for which we can not see. Her reading resonated much truth in myself, and I would highly recommend her to any family member or friend.

Mystic Journeyz

5:07 PM on December 12, 2007

The first time that I spoke with Suzi, I was amazed and so grateful that I had make a breakthrough. Suzi came to me by divine intervention I am convinced, she accidentally met my cousin a few months after my husband died suddenly, and tragically. The meeting between Suzy and my cousin was very profound. Suzi was in a first time session with Jackie, my cousin, and Richard started coming through with specific messages. Since that time a year and one half ago, I have had my own sessions with Suzi over the phone. Since she lives five hundred miles away, this works best. I would recommend her to anyone seeking professional guidance, in a caring and thoughtful delivery. Suzi has a wonderful sense of humor and is a very clear channel. She is a treasure and I am so happy that she has come into my life as a gifted medium who is skilled like no other. She has been an excellent guide and has helped me and my three teenagers move forward in our healing and bereavement.


Boston, Massachusetts


4:41 PM on December 8, 2007

Thanks for a great reading, today! I thought you had a lot of really interesting and insiteful things to say!:)


7:23 AM on November 30, 2007

Beautiful welcoming site well done xx

Suzy Yaw

6:47 PM on November 28, 2007

This is way cool Jen and Suzi congrats you guys did a great JOB with the sight!!! I love the song on the another journey part!


11:12 PM on November 24, 2007 


the reading was awesome it was all factual and i felt more secure with my future:D


11:09 PM on November 24, 2007


THe reading was beyond amazing fantabulous. It was all factual and it made me feel at own with my psyche.


1:15 AM on November 23, 2007

I love your website! Kudos!


4:50 PM on November 21, 2007

I like it, very good job I think you will go far