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April 20, 2013



Tonight’s guest is Suzi Coggins, psychic medium, past life regressionist and hypnotherapist from mystic 

Suzi will talk about her experiences meeting her spirit guides and why she believes that no one knows you better than your own spirit guide. Suzi will also do a guided meditation at the end of the show on how to meet your own spirit guides.

What do they do and how many do we have? How do they work? What do they look like? Who are our gatekeepers? What is their purpose to our lives?

Did you know that you can fire your spirit guide and hire another one? How can we request them to follow the light? Why do some come in and out more quickly than others? Suzi believes that they have not lived before as a human being and that they have no desire to be on the earth plane. Their purpose is to extend their compassion to humanity. 

Some of us may have animal guides and what are some of their meanings? Suzi believes that animals always have messages for us and it is for us to decipher what the symbols are for our journey. 

Do we choose our guides before we enter the physical plane? Why does one spirit guide bring in another at the time of a trauma or difficult situation? Can some people actually see their guide?

Learn the higher purpose of the spirit world and how beneficial it is for us to connect to them. Maybe there is no separation between the two worlds. It is all one.

Join us for a  thought provoking show and listen to Suzi Coggins a very talented psychic medium.