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Spirit Attachment

May 24, 2013



Listen or call Suzi Coggins psychic medium, past life regressionist and an expert on house clearing. The focus of the show will be amazing spirit stories. 

Do you have a spirit attachment and if so do you know how to release the energy and protect yourself? Does a spirit follow you after you move? Can there be a spirit in your home from one generation to another? 

Can your pet take on an attachment to a spirit in your home? Can they see spirits? Maybe you sense that your pet sees something in your home. You may notice that their eyes are moving to catch the spirit. 

Are we capable of seeing a spirit in our home? What or do they have any intentions? Are they necessarily negative to our lives? Can we detach from them? Are we at times more vulnerable to attach ourselves to a spirit?

Suzi Coggins believes that spirits have not yet been anointed by the light. This is why they need to attach themselves to something on the earth plane rather than entering the spiritual world. 

Suzi has cleared out many homes with spirit attachments and will tell us her amazing stories. many of us may have a spirit in our home or have seen items missing, music going on and off, lights going on and off, smelling a scent such as a cigar or flowers. There are many stories such as these. If you have an interesting story, please call and Suzi will give you insight into your experience. Join us!