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Psychic Readings and Medium

Readings What is the Different

Between the Two?

In a psychic reading, Suzi is communicating with her Spirit Guides and your Spirit Guides to answer your questions. Usually a psychic reading is to answer your questions regarding relationships, career, spiritual path, etc. A psychic reading is performed by a psychic.

Our goal with a psychic reading is to bring you clarity and guide you in the right direction.

In a Medium Reading, Suzi is communicating with your loved one that has crossed over. Usually, a medium reading is to answer your questions regarding your loved one such as, are they okay, how they passed, facilitate forgiveness, etc. A medium reading is performed by a Psychic Medium.

Our goal with a medium reading is to bring you healing and closure and allow you to move forward in your life.

Which reading is right for me?

If you have questions regarding love, career or your spiritual path then a Psychic Reading is right for you. However, please let Suzi know whether or not you are open to receiving messages from loved ones before beginning the reading.

If you have lost a loved one and your main goal is to make contact with them, please schedule a Medium Reading. Please note: Suzi has no control over which of your loved ones will join the reading.

Whether you are new to the psychic world, a skeptic or a psychic veteran, you are in

good hands with Rev. Suzi.

Is there a difference between an In-person Reading and a Phone Reading?

NO. Rev. Suzi has the same connection with you, your guides and your loved ones that have crossed over whether you are sitting directly in front of her or a million miles away.

Are all Psychics Mediums?

NO. So please be careful and make sure you know what type of reading you want and seek out the right adviser.

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Are all Mediums Psychics?

YES. All mediums are able to communicate with those who crossed over and will be to give you a psychic reading as well.

How do I choose the right psychic or psychic medium for me?

Do your HOMEWORK! Research your psychic medium. Take time to read through their website, read their bio page and search for their Video Testimonials. Also, search for complaints on them personally and complaints under their business name. Trust your instincts.

What can I expect during the reading?

You can expect a professional, private and confidential reading. Our goal is to provide you with the most accurate reading to move you forward in your life and promote healing. Our office is a peaceful space. It’s important that you feel comfortable so you can express yourself. Please know that Suzi comes from a place of acceptance and you can trust that you are safe with her. You can be open and honest with your questions.

Not all psychics are mediums but all mediums are psychics and are able to communicate with both those who have crossed over and get you a psychic reading too.

How often should I have a reading?

We recommend a maximum one reading per month. Most people get 4 readings per year. Spirit shares information with you to guide you in the direction for your highest good. Spirit has the whole picture and only shares information you need in the moment. The information has to have time to show up in your life in divine timing. Often times when you have too many readings too close together the information shared hasn't had time to come full circle.

Can everyone connect to Spirit?.

YES. We believe it is our birth right to connect to Spirit. Many years ago, humans were fully connected to Spirit and Nature. It’s a gift that has to be learned, practiced and shared. We offer a wide variety of workshops and classes to teach you to regain your relationship with Spirit.

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