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Past Life Regression

Friday December 29, 2013


The power of fear and how to ignite it!  let us fearlessly move forward with the resolution for change in 2013!

Listen or call Suzi Coggins, psychic medium, hypnotherapist, and past life regressionist speak about how we can manifest permanent changes in our lives by exploring our past lives. Yes, we can conquer fears that feed into our total presence or become suppressed without our total recognition for many years.

How important is the understanding of our past lives?  Why do some of us hold onto past fears while some of us can release our fears without any prolonged attachment? Can we release this debilitating toxin by connecting to our guides in the spirit world?

Suzi coggins from Mystic Journeyz will speak about psychic mediumship and hypnotherapy and why they both play an integral part for the release of our fears. Suzi is able to connect to our guides and receive information that will help us move forward! Let us conquer our fears!  Who are your spirit guides and where do they come from and how old are they? Are the spirit world and physical world one continuous thread of energy traveling from one world to another? Why children do ages 4-6 talk freely about the spirit world?  Let us embrace 2013 with self love and the resolution for change!