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Past Life Regression Therapy

It is  one of the quickest and most powerful healing modalities that Suzi has ever used

Past life regression can help you heal present life conflicts or problems caused by traumatic events in prior lifetimes. Memories from past lives may come in many forms, such as recurrent dreams, phobias or unexplained fear and anger. 

Many people want to see who they were in a past life to find hidden talents or gifts.  Sometimes, they want to know if they knew their family, friends, or co-workers in a past life.  Past Life Regression can do so much more.  It has changed lives. Past Life Regression reviews past lives to help us deal with the conflicts in one's current life.

Many people struggle with phobias, Post Traumatic Stress, recurring relationship problems, or unexplained physical pains that were created in past lives. These sessions work by going to the root of the problem so the client can see and clearly understand why and when their issue began. Regression Therapy heals deeper and further at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels than most other therapeutic approaches.

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One Session is $180

Two Session Package $275

Save $85.00 

Each Session is about 75 minutes