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Channeling - When Spirit Speaks

The most popular trend today that brings one into the New Age Occult world view is channeling. The channeler (who is a medium) first brings them self in to a totally relaxed meditative state, what we may know as a trance. They then allow themselves to become neutral to allow another being (entity) control over their personality. Essentially you, your own personality, are out to lunch and another spirit takes over your mind and body.

You can have a space being or a higher intelligence spirit from another dimension come into your body. You can channel your higher self, your over-soul (the eternal you?) to give you fresh spiritual knowledge. Many claim they have given their lives over to these so-called alien intelligence's to help bring the golden age (new world order) here on earth; they are called walk-ins. Many New Age participants believe they themselves are either angels or aliens reincarnating on earth for this crucial transition time to help earth bring in the era of peace. Automatic writing is often used by the spirits to communicate; also astral travel, dreams and visions, and prophecy. Other beings announce themselves as the inner counselors claiming they’re a spirit guide that has always been with you (familiar spirits the Bible calls them), they are not limited to any form. They can range from an animal creature, to an angel of light mostly dubbing themselves the Christ energy or a legion of light. It does not matter, as long as one accepts their message- they are pleased.

Almost the whole New Age Movements techniques methods and instructions are dictated by these spirit guides; this is their source of information, and this is where the deception occurs. Total trust is given to these spirit being beings since they are supposed to be higher in intelligence and much older, they naturally would have our best interests at heart, right? Wrong! When these entities first start communicating they usually lead one into thinking they are divine or god, how's that for flattery. It doesn't matter who is communicating the message, whether it is called a spirit guide, your higher self, or a space brother, the message is basically the same.

Popular Names of spirits being channeled are Emmanuel, Lazarus, Seth, Lily, Mafu,

The technique of the channeler’s mind, body, mouth (And hand’s in “automatic handwriting), being subject to the spirit using them is an old one. Sir John Eccles the Nobel-Prize-winning brain researcher called the brain “a machine that a ghost can operate.” Under normal living conditions our own spirit is in control that operates the brain-but if left or its faculty reduced it can and might take over by another. This can occur by meditation and other altered states. In the New Age publication Spirit Speaks, one of these “guides” explains that when a person's mind is active and thinking it “stops” them from “coming through'“ But, when the mind is emptied of thought it creates a “communicating channel” for them. (Life in the Spirit World, issue 7, page 38). In other words a passive state like meditation is perfect habitation for them to extend their control through the human vessel.

Many begin with an experimentation in what seems to be harmless fun but is the occult. The 1972 best seller Seth Speaks had made Jane Roberts, a housewife from Elmira, New York become a prominent channeler. She first became acquainted with the spirit realm through y the Ouija Board. As her husband and her husband began searching for spiritual answers an entity who called himself by the Biblical name “Seth” spoke to them through the Ouija. What pursued were 1500 communications chronicled over the next 20 years. Roberts began accumulating the “Seth Materials” from 1963 until she died in1984 (total sold was over six million volumes). Seth channeled twenty-three books and several tape series and interviews through Roberts. The message was a new age theme that all humans actually create their own reality from their belief system.

Roberts' widower, Rob Butts, who is in his 80’s (year 2000) still uses the Ouija Board and has Seth Network International headquartered in Eugene, Oregon. He is planning to release numerous new volumes of Seth materials Roberts had with Seth.

The trend is to have everyone become their own channeler, to have direct access to this new age wisdom through their own spirit guide.

To further the deception it can be put across as ones own higher self, in other words its the spiritual you that is eternal. “As you read this book, we encourage you to use only that information which rings true to the deepest part of your being and discard any information that does individual not. Trust your inner guidance and messages. You are a special, unique with unlimited potential. We invite you to discover more fully your own divinity” (Opening To Channel: How to Connect with Your Guide, Roman and Packer).

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