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Friday July 28, 2013


What’s blocking your success? Carol gets to the root of what's holding you back ... in love, relationships, and money and career ... with insight into how planets in your birthday horoscope influence your personal and spiritual journey.

Achieve your highest potential and move forward with your life with carol's practice of intuitive astrology, tarot, medicine cards & heart /tone therapy. Carol’s readings delve into the emotional toxins that prevent spirit to embrace life's challenges.

Call or listen to Suzi Coggins, psychic medium, hypnotherapist & spiritual life coach from Mystic Journeyz. Suzi will talk about connecting with spirit thru muscle testing, how valuable it is to understand the responses that we receive from our body & how these messages connect to our spirit or spirit guides.

Suzi will open up the door to loved ones & spirit guides who have passed over. Have you been looking to talk to someone who has crossed over? Listen & call Suzi & carol Fri. and listen to the messages from your angels and spirit guides. Learn how your body responds to your concerns. Learn to trust the unknown, become aware of the presence of our angels and spirit guides and to tap into the responses in our body thru muscle testing. Our soul is always speaking to us! Join us.