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Letting Your Inner Child Play with Matches

and other dangerous stuff

Give yourself permission to play, to be mischievous, to be fearless, and to be adventurous. Letting Your Inner Child Play with Matches is an anecdotal journey to help you reconnect to that little hellion inside you that wants to let its voice out and be heard.


Learn to let your inner adult act as an encouraging parent would, guiding and allowing the child the room it needs to grow and express itself. When your inner child is given this freedom, there is no limit to what you can do.

About the Author

Cliff Swain-Salomon is an author, artist, speaker, teacher, and mentor. He holds a degree in Holistic Health Care and has a thriving private practice. In addition to his writing and coaching, he teaches and develops curriculum for several naturopathic colleges. He has been an invited guest lecturer for numerous educational institutions and hospitals, including Arizona State University and the Phoenix Mayo Clinic.

Prior to his current work, Cliff, although successful, was a burned out, dissatisfied manager and trainer in the corporate world. He finally stopped and asked himself one question: “What would you love to do if money didn’t matter?” With that, he took the same steps he encourages his clients to take. He stopped making excuses, learned unconditional self-love, and began creating the life he knew he deserved.

After spending the day helping people achieve the empowered lives they want, there is nothing Cliff loves more than curling up with his soulmate and playing with their small pet menagerie, at their home in Tempe, Arizona.

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