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Chakras-What the heck are they anyway?


Root Chakra

What Color is the Root Chakra?

The Root Chakra is red!

Where is the Root Chakra?

The Root Chakra is located at the base of the tailbone. Its energy flows in circles in a cone shape from the base of your spine to the earth. The further the circle goes from your body the wider they become. The energy also flows in the other direction up your spine and through your other Chakras.

What does the Root Chakra control?

1. Your animal instincts

2. Survival

3. Primal sex

4. Providing yourself and your family with food, shelter, and clothing

5. Material wealth

6. Physical well-being

7. Security

How does it feel when your 1st Chakra is in balance?

1. Things that you need for yourself and family come to you with ease and very naturally

2. Life just work for you

3. You feel secure and comfortable

4. Faith is your primary motivator not fear

How does it feel when your Root Chakra is not balanced?

1. You may feel fearful all the time

2. You also may be very insecure

3. It may seem that you spend all your time just getting the basics you need for life such food, shelter, and clothing, just surviving

4. Feeling a lack of abundance

5. Sometimes people have a problem with their Root Chakra because they try to fit into a life that others think is best for them. Let's use a man that always wanted to work in a bank and become an investor as an example. His family has been in the farming industry for four generations. He would love to follow his dreams but he doesn't want to hurt or disappoint his family. He chooses to follow tradition and he becomes a farmer. He feels each day is a chore and he drudges through each day because he is following someone else's plan for his life instead of his own path.

How Can You Balance Your Root Chakra?

1. When you feel insecure, fearful, or feeling a lack of abundance, go back to nature and feel everything nature and earth has to offer. Go for a walk in the park, woods, or just around your neighborhood. Lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams are also great places to visit. Look at the all the wildlife around you. Feel the energy that the birds, animals, and trees give off. Look at the sky and clouds, feel the wind around you and smell the fresh air. Be aware of all of the energies around you. Feel good about all that the earth has to offer and become part of the fabric of nature. This will balance your Root Chakra.

2. When you can't get out into nature and you are feeling unbalanced, try this:

Use visualizations...imagine a great root growing from the base of your tailbone. Watch as the root spreads deep into the earth and pushs positive mental energy through the roots as they spread out more, they become bigger and stronger. Then, pull as much positive mental energy from the earth as you can. As you push and pull energy from the earth, in and out of your Root Chakra, you will become stronger and stronger each time. Relax and enjoy the rush of energy from your body to the earth and back again.

3. Sports and thrill seeking activities can boost energy to your

Root Chakra. Here are some great suggestions:

a. Go to an amusement park

b. Play football

c. Learn to box

d. Skydiving

e. Skiing

f. Drive or ride in a race car

g. Skinny-dipping

h. Rock climbing

j. Going on a motorcycle ride

The more aggressive the activity...the more you will charge your Root Chakra.

4. There are stones that you can be helpful too. You can hold them while you meditate, carry them around in your pocket or have them in your jewelry.

These stones are:

a. Garnets

b. Rubies

c. Obsidians

5. It is also very important that you follow your own dreams and choose the path that you want to follow even if you have to make the path yourself.

Is there a down side to focusing too much on your Root Chakra?

Yes! When you satisfy and balance this Charka, you need to move on to the Sacral Chakra or your Second Chakra. You must rise above the Root Chakra to complete the circle. If you get stuck here you may have all your the material things you need, but life has much more to offer you. So don't become a scrooge and keep on moving up your Chakras.

Sacral Chakra

What color is the Sacral Chakra (Second Chakra / Pelvic Chakra)?

The Second Chakra is Orange.

Where is the Sacral Chakra Located?

The Pelvic Chakra is located about two inches below the navel. Its energy flows in a cone shape that moves in a circular motion in front of you and becomes wider as it moves away from your body. It also radiates in the same way when it moves away from your back.

What does the Sacral Chakra control?

1. Being emotionally connected

2. Sensory Sensations and pleasures

3. Magnetism

4. Sexual and pleasure seeking activities

5. Feeling attractive and your body image

6. Attracting what you want into your life, not just what you need to survive.

How does it feel when your Sacral Chakra is in balance?

1. Feeling attractive or beautiful and having the desire to surround yourself by attractive and beautiful people, places, and things

2. Feeling satisfied and grateful while experiencing pleasurable activities

3. To enjoy the life experience, not just surviving it

4. Experiencing pleasure in a healthy way, a way that makes you feel good about yourself before, during, and after the experience

5. Having the confidence to attract what you need into your life easily and with little effort

6. Great self-assurance and a positive self image

What does it feel like when your Pelvic Chakra is out of balance?

1. The search for pleasureful experiences never seems to be satisfied

2. You may become very jealous and may also feel guilty

3. Feeling numb to your emotions

4. Engaging in lower value pleasure seeking activities. Such as over eating, drinking too much alcohol, risky sex, illegal drugs and other unhealthy habits

5. You may become over attached to certain people, places, or things.

6. Being so fearful of loss that some people may think it is almost impossible to be fulfilled or satisfied

Ways to balance your Pelvic Chakra?

1. The secret to balancing this charka is to balance desire with appreciation. Give great thanks to the things that make you feel fulfilled and happy.

2. Try this exercise: When you are experiencing something that gives you great pleasure such as a friends hug, eating your favorite food, going to things with family or friends, or making love, stop in the middle of the activity and close your eyes to fully feel how good it is making you feel. Then feel grateful for the pleasure it is giving you. Do not let this moment slip through your fingers. Enjoy it to its fullest, until you feel completely satisfied and completely full.

3. Do Creative and relaxing activities

a. Listen to your favorite music while soaking in warm tub or a hot tub

b. Learn to paint, play piano, or sing

c. Go to an art or music festival, the theater, or any museum

d. Just do things that give you healthy sensory pleasures

e. As long as it makes you happy and doesn't hurt you or anyone else, go crazy

4. Everyone is different so whatever rocks your world, add it to the list above and make your heart soar.

5. Try this exercise: imagine your heart and soul is a large chalice. Image that all the beautiful things and activities you have been enjoying turned into warm and loving orange liquid. Then gently pour the liquid into your cup. Then think about all the people and pets you love and all the people and pets you have ever loved. Feel the energy all rolled up into one. Then turn that energy into a warm and loving orange liquid, and then slowly pour that into your chalice. The last step is to imagine that all the love you give and receive from Spirit, your guardian spirits, and your angels is wrapped up into one, and then melt it into a warm and comforting orange liquid. Pour it into the cup and fill it to the rim. This should create more magnetism than you can handle. Drink from your cup and let the feeling flow through you.

Stones that help balance the Sacral Chakra

1. Garnet

2. Moonstone

3. Orange Tourmaline

After balancing your orange charka, you will feel proud of yourself. When your happy and satisfied on the inside, people will notice it on the outside. You will have confidence and a good self-image. That will attract people and make them want to help you with anything you need help with.

So, keep working your way up through your Chakras to your 3rd charka the Solar Plexus Chakra. Don't stop now your doing a great service to yourself!

Rev. Suzi Coggins

Psychic Medium,

Spiritual Coaching, Spiritual Healer

[email protected]

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