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The Law of Attraction States:

A pervious agreement was made prior to entering into this life experience which states that there be clear communication between you and your inner being, your higher self through clear hearing, seeing, feeling. Your guidance system.

You are a strong and powerful magnet within the Universe which attracts like unto like.

You are the creator of your own life experience

You create through thought. Thought with emotion. DESIRE. ACTION.

You are an allower. You allow all others to be the creator of their own life experience.

You segment your day. You preplan and intend each section of your life experience

You accept this for this is Universal Law.

And for this You are Grateful...

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As we roll into 2008, what areas of your life could be better? A better job? Better health? Better relationships?

It seems like we spend an awful lot of energy trying to make things better...

Well, here's a newsflash - the moment you start thinking about how it could be 'better', you've started down the road of attracting what you DON'T want.

Hello, did you get that?

The problem with wanting a better anything is the underlying message it sends the Universe: "Things aren't good enough the way they are." And what you may not realize is that these emotional undertones often speak loudest about your true feelings.

"OK," you say, "but if I stop focusing on becoming better, then what's the purpose of my life?"

I'll answer by saying there's nothing wrong with wanting more, having goals, manifesting dreams. Yet, once you 'arrive' somewhere, you're not really in a better place. Only different. And from there, human desire will surely pull your attention in yet another new direction.

In other words, there will always be places to get to. The real question is, are you in love with where you are right now? If you're not, you stand little chance of attracting all you wish for.

The simple truth is things can (and will) always be different - but they will never be better than they are in any given moment. So start falling in love with exactly where you are. In turn, the Universe will get the message to send you more places you want to be.

Until next time...

With love,

Rev. Suzi Coggins

Spiritual Psychic Medium, Spiritual Tarot Reader, Spiritual Healer

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"If anyone reading this is a skeptic of psychic mediums, I challenge you to be open minded and give her a more" Sarah G.

"Suzi is perhaps the most heart-centered psychic medium I've ever more"- Dustin

"Be prepared! Be prepared to be surprised. After three days, I am still digesting the more"-Dianne