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Group Hypnotherapy Party...In Your Home

Invite your family and friends to your home for a night of relaxation, discovery and healing with a 90 Minute Group Hypnotherapy Session.

Your group will be completely relaxed.  You will be led on an amazing journey where each of you will have your own unique, amazing experience.  You will be gently guided back into awareness.  

Your group will then journal about their experiences.  A discussion session will include each person's experience.  

Please ask each guest to wear comfortable clothing and to bring a pillow, blanket, pen and notepad.

As a, thank you, for hosting the party you will receive  mini home blessing kit when you have six or more guests attend.

You and each of your guests will receive a Free Sleep Hypnotherapy download.

Also, the group hypnotherapy session will be recorded and sent to you and your guests at no additional charge.

The cost for each guest to attend is $35.00.