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Letting Go and Ho'oponpono

Friday November 11, 2013


Listen or call rev. Suzi Coggins, psychic medium, past life regressionist & hypnotherapist from Mystic Journeyz.

Suzi will talk about the ability to let go & why is it so difficult to release our past wounds that stifle our positive energy force or Chi.  why is it easier for some of us to release our past hurts than others? Why do we not have as much hope for the future when we hold onto the past? How does it affect the fulfillment of joy in our lives?

We will explore why it does not at all serve us & why we may be looking for a validation from the one has hurt us.  Why does holding onto our past toxins slow down the attainment of our soul's journey? How does it affect the ability to love ourselves as well as our family of friends?

Learn how we can spiritually let go of negative energies, cleanse ourselves & move forward with the gift of freedom. 

Join us also for a Hawaiian prayer, Ho'oponopono which will shed light to the ability of letting go. Ho'oponopono is an ancient practice which allows us to clean away the old memories and open ourselves to a state of zero where the creator can inspire us. 

Become enlightened with your special and fulfilling journey with rev. Suzi Coggins from Mystic Journeyz!