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What is YOUR Style of Meditation? be with one's self.

Guided Meditations are very powerful. When listening to one's voice, it enhances your focus.

There are different ways to Meditate.

Alone...Sit quitely for 10 minutes a day. Close your eyes. Concentrate on your breaths. Notice the feel of your abdomen with each inhale and exhale. As thoughts enter your mind, gently push them away and return to your breaths. Notice any images, sounds and smells you are receiving. Just continue to practice this daily and begin to increase the time you are meditating gradually.

Group...DO YOUR HOMEWORK before joining a meditation group. Be sure it is a good fit for what you are intending. With group meditation, you will experience more energy in the room than alone. This may help you to relax deeper and receive more from your meditation.

Guided ONE on ONE...This is very powerful. DO YOUR HOMEWORK before choosing a meditation guide. This will take you down paths you never knew existed.

There are many different purposes of meditation. You may choose to meet your Spiritual Guides. You may choose Healing. You may choose Manifesting. Let us guide you through the meditation that is right for YOU.

With every year that goes by many people are seeking help to problems that can be understood by a psychic. Having this ability can go further in relieving suffering to many.

Learning about you

Knowing about you and how you feel about certain events can help you tune into future events with your development of psychic power such as kidnapping, tsunami floods, abuse.

Asking for help

It is in your best interest to seek out a mentor to help you develop your psychic ability and understand the ups and down of your gifts.


Knowing when to practice and when to turn on and off your ability can make a difference in you becoming too over loaded with people's emotions and problems.


It is always good for you to test your abilities with friends and family. As you develop them it will give you more confidence in your ability to help people.

Helping others

Helping others is rewarding if you can keep yourself in check, meaning respecting your limits and not abusing the time you agree to work.

Increasing your powers

The more you respect your limits and you spend time in meditation, eating the right foods, exercising and connecting to nature, you will be able to increase your psychic powers with practice.

Trusting in yourself

In the beginning it is difficult to build trust because you may think what you do is normal for everyone and that you are not special. Yet, the more you talk to people the more you realize that it is not so

Teaching others

As you begin to work as a psychic and you have more hits than misses with your ability, it is good to give back to people by helping others like you develop their psychic ability.

Conclusion: Building your psychic ability can be fun and rewarding when you notice the signs that are already there.

The author grants full reprint rights to this article. You may reprint and electronically distribute this article so long as its contents remain unchanged, and the author's byline remains in place. Francis is the owner of if you want more information on free psychic readings in your life you can visit

Article Source:

Rev. Suzi K. Coggins

Spiritual Psychic Medium, Spiritual Tarot Reader, Spiritual Healer

Rev. Jenny A. Howie

Spiritual Guide, Spiritual Life Coach, Spiritual Healer

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