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Friday March 1, 2013


Listen to Suzi Coggins, psychic medium, past life regressionist and hypnotherapist from Mystic Journeyz. 

Suzi will talk about the 7 major chakras, or the rainbows of light within our body and will take us through a guided meditation, spiritually traveling within the center of each chakra. We will learn to balance our chakras on our own!

What are the colors of each chakra? What are the musical tones of each chakra? What are the Hindu gods of each chakra? Why do eastern cultures use these energy sources to meditate?  Can we help to clear up our medical issues by balancing these sources of light and color?

Is it possible to feel the movement of each wheel of light? Is one wheel more powerful than the other? Why is the heart chakra by itself? Are we born with these wheels of power? Does our spirit take our 7 major chakras when we leave this earth plane? 

What are these invisible energy sources within our body and are they a bundle of nerves? How many chakras do we really have? How do the Tibetan singing bowls connect to each chakra and how can we learn from this? Why is it important to clear out our wheels of light before hypnosis? 

Join us for a truly interesting show with a new insight into the 7 major chakras. Listen to a genuine healer, Suzi coggins of Mystic Journeyz!