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What is Channeling & How is it Done?

In a nutshell, Channeling is the process where Spirit speaks through a physical being. Mediumship is another word used to describe this process. There are three forms of Channeling...

Trace Mediumship (Channeling) - This is the most clear form of Channeling. In this form, the Medium gives full mind and body control over to Spirit. The Spirit is referred to as a Spirit Communicator. The Spirit is able to deliver messages freely, without interference of the Medium. When the Spirit Communicator has finished the message, the Medium's mind and body are returned to a state of conscious and the Medium has no memory of the communication.

Mental Mediumship (Channeling) - In this form, the Medium has full mind and body control. The Medium is consciously delivering the message from Spirit. The Spirit is referred to as a Spirit Operator. This is the form used when the Medium is offering a reading to a client. The messages are received in the following forms:

Clairvoyance - Clear Seeing - This is the ability to see with the mind's eye. Spirit will offer still pictures and moving pictures of the is much like putting a puzzle together. The Medium will see many different images and deliver the message to the client. Some Clairvoyant Mediums can see Spirit in a physical form during communication.

Clairaudience - Clear Hearing - This is the ability to hear with the mind's ear. The Medium will hear Spirit through clear sound, actual clear voices. The sound will come from within the Mediums mind or the sound will come from outside the mind...much like listening to another being speak.

Clairsentience - Clear Sensing - This is the ability to physically FEEL Spirit. The Medium will feel the message Spirit is offering.

Clairalience - Clear Smelling - This is the ability receive an actual scent or aroma offered by Spirit. When giving a reading, Spirit may offer the scent of a specific food associated with the message.

Clairgustance - Clear Tasting - This is the ability to receive actual taste offered by Spirit.

Claircognizance - Clear Knowing - This is the ability to know something without receiving from Spirit. Your sixth sense...a feeling of right and wrong.

Physical Mediumship (Channeling) - In this form, the Medium is used as a source of power and substance for Spirit. During this form, there are physical acts that take place such as loud bangs, loud noises and even a physical object!

So...Are You Ready to Channel?

Channeling, like all else takes time and practice. Meditating is the KEY to Channeling. Make an appointment with Spirit to join you at the same time, same place for 15-20 minutes a day. When you miss your appointment or run late, DON'T beat yourself up...just resume your routine when you are ready. how does the meditative thing work?

Find a special, comfortable place where you will not be interrupted. Turn off your cell phone and any other phones. Light a candle and dim the lights. Affirm, Spirit, I am ready for our appointment. Close your eyes and sit quietly for a minute or two. Begin to notice your breathing. Pay close attention to your breaths. Begin to slow them down to a comfortable inhale and exhale. Let your mind drift. As thoughts come in, gently push them away and return your focus on your breathing.

Now that you have practiced this ritual for a few days, begin to initiate contact with Spirit. Begin your meditation and when you are ready...Affirm - I invite Spirit to come in. Be aware of signs that Spirit will offer...Pay close attention to pictures, sounds, feelings, smells, tastes, etc. Ask for someone you are wanting communication with, your guides, your angels or the highest being of love and light that is able to communicate with you. When a connection is made, YOU will feel it, you will know it. Most of the time, you will experience a tingling sensation throughout your body.

When you are done with your communication...Affirm - We are complete. Thank you. Any ending words that feel right or you may hear the Spirit ending the communication...listen for Spirits words of completion.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are not in agreement with the contact you are receiving...Affirm - I ask Spirit to leave. Spirit will do so upon YOUR request.

Want to learn more on Mediumship (Channeling)...Click Here

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